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just a simming girl

living in a simming world

Lady Ashlie
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The Sims 2 Legacies and Photo posts
Personal Journal
Among the many things Lady Ashlie does (for instance, Lady Ashlie reads, writes, makes graphics, plays Pokemon, watches Doctor Who, works in a pizzeria, and sleeps), Lady Ashlie Sims. Typically, the simming is simply playing, though recently, she has partaken in a Legacy based on a close friend of hers. In her free time, she also dabbles in a Build-a-City Challenge. Mostly, she just plays with her Sims and posts pictures of them. However, Lady Ashlie hopes to learn to tinker with custom content and one day offer them up for download, as well as some Sims. Feel free to watch or join the community if you wish – Lady Ashlie doesn’t mind. The more the merrier, after all!

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The Sims 2
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