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Yamapi Legacy 1.3 
Sims: [Corky] :D

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Last time in the Yamapi Legacy, Amaris attempted to get a bite out of the Countess, but her efforts were fruitless. She met Damion and wooed him at once, which worked out with ease. Jesse impregenated Amaris and was later invited to move in, as someone needed to take care of her and keep her from dying. And money was sort of needed. He accepted, brought in some money, the house was expanded, and a green baby was born! :D Earvin kicks off Generation Two for us. <3

I know, I know. All infants look the same, blahblahblah yaddayaddayadda. Whatever. EARVIN LOOKS ESPECIALLY CUTE, OKAY? It's the green skin, I am SO SURE *.*

Caught Ama in a rare moment of domestication. SCRUB THAT COUNTER BBGIRL!

While she's taken on a higher level of domestication, though, Jesse surprised me by autonomously taking on all his fatherly duties. Rarely do I have to remind him to change a diaper or feed Earvin. <3 Bless.

Jesse Changing diapers is fun fun fun! :DDDD

He seems so HAPPY to be changing diapers. :| Maybe he's hoping his enthusiasm will convince Ama to help out with the baby some more?

Daddy and child images always fill me with delight *g*

LOLOLOL seriously he is just SO smiley. :D I LOVE it.

Daddy and son!

Earvin Goo goo garrggleee

Was there another reason for this image besides proof that Jesse LIVES in his underwear? At times, I'd forget what his every day clothes looked like. All the woohooing between him and Ama pretty much resulted in non-stop undies.

And I know you're not complaining. ;]

!!!!! O____O !!!!! WHAT ARE YOU EATING AMA?!

As soon as Jesse went off to work, Ama called Damion up. She wanted to woohoo with three different Sims, so I figured we might as well work on numero dos! Besides.

I had plans for this one. <.< >.>

They pretty much jumped straight in to bed. Not even kidding there. xD


;A; God. He can tell, y'know. Unless he's incredibly dumb - which I doubt - he knows this was not your first time.

Lying is bad.

Oh! Look! A promotion! Top of the career track already! PERMA PLAT ACHIEVED! We are at the top of the slacker careet track! Professional Party Guest forever! (Doesn't he even LOOK like a professional party guest? He's all gorgeous and awesome and lovely)


At this moment, I PANICKED, because Ama and Damion were in the final throughs of passion when Jesse came home and I was like SHIT SHIT SHIT gonna have some drama jealousy is on the way ohhhhh shit!

So I sent Jesse to check the mail to prolong his time outside while Ama ambled out of bed.

Damion, however, did not. And he remained here. In Jesse and Ama's ~lurvenest~. D:

Hey, Adulterous!Ama. Go take care of that baby of yours. Don't let Jess find out you've been up to no good.

...come to think of it. If she's not even engaged, how does jealousy work? They ARE in love, as you can see. (But she's also in love with Damion haha!) Three bolts of chemistry EACH, too! ;A;

Let's play a game! It's called "Count the Number of Ways This Image is Wrong!"

Good job, Ama! Poor Earvin doesn't want to hang out on the floor all day.

Ama Earvin, I fart in your general direction!


At least Earvin doesn't seem to mind. Poor little Alien Baby. He doesn't even know any better! He's so young, he probably things it's customary for mum's to fart in their babies' general directions! Assumes it some sort of traditional customs shared between mother and child, a bonding sort of game!

Or. Maybe he thinks that was a tear gas bomb...




lmfao Ama is in the background, blissfully unaware, swooning over Jesse. twu wuv! <3

But hey. Damion. >:[ Stop telling ~lies~ okay?

...lulz. They are now bee eff eff. :| WELL THEN.

If only you knew, Jesse. If only.

I cannot help but laugh at the image of Ama coddling Jesse's baby next to a romantic photobooth shoot of her and Damion.

But good lord is she ridiculously adorable with that baby.

(See?! I told you! I actually took infant shots. THEY WERE JUST SO CUTE OKAY ;~;!)

While Ama took care of baby Earvin, I sent Jesse to H&M to buy some clothes.

There was no one of any interest at H&M, so while he waited for the taxi, Jesse went outside and played in the snow.

Perfect snow angel!

Clearly, Jesse agrees. (I NEVER tire of images of him, I swear. HE LOOKS SO ADORABLE IN THESE TWO PICTURES WAAUGH)

Further proof that Jesse does all his house hold chores and duties in his underwear.

Rock those undies, bb!

Seriously. If you are, at all, curious about what Earvin is going to grow up like, it's probably safe to look at these and assume. I hope.

Oh hey, look! The nursery has had a bit of a make-over! Clearly, I'm gunning with a yellow theme. How cute is that bandage + ambulance wall?!

Also. Hey. Wonder why there's TWO cribs in there! -shifty-


I present you: Baby Earvin Spam!

Wow. What was that, Ama?

Ama *herp derp*?

...she uh. Makes this face a lot.

Hot damn, Jesse, you're popular! And know many blue/green people.

I swear, he likes giving this family perks. And this time, it was better than a crappy blind date!

"You're a cool cat, so how about I hook you up, dude? Your girlfriend is bitchin' hot so I'm going to tell everyone how awesome you are. Your reputation is going places, man. You are THE coolest."

Or somethin' like that.


No no, sweetie. This is all call for celebration!

Why do you need my attention? I KNOW about the promo-

Oh! The potent seed of Damion appears to have not only been planted but bloomed!

Ama Yaaay potent seed of Damion! :DDDD

Seriously, she looks REALLY happy for being a romance sim who just got knocked up again.

"Dude, even slakcers deserve higher wages. I know people, right? Don't ask how. I won't tell you. But I know people. And from here on out, dude, higher wages for you, because you totally deserve more!"

Okay! :DDDDD

Obligatory birthday shots! Also, through the cutaway wall, you can see the awesome papering of the master bathroom. :D

Happy Birthday, Earvine! Please be really cute!
I hate ugly children, please grow up real nice!


He is helping her blow out the candles aljfkdjfd *.*

Jesse actually took care of Earvin for most of his infantile life, so I figured Ama could win a few relationship points with him by being the one to help with his birthday.

Jesse Happy Birthday, son! Your momma is DAMN fine, boy. Don't I know it. >D

Turns out. Uh. He didn't age. I don't know what's up with that. I had the pop-up that says BABY TIMES IS OVER and all but. <.< Clearly, it was NOT over. :( I was really disappointed. SO excited to see him as a toddler!

Not long later, though....

Pop goes the belly!

And we are well into our third trimester guys! *.* BABY SOON BABY SOON BABY SOON!


Ama was getting along in her life and uh. <.< I didn't want her to? She hasn't been vampied yet (for lack of attempt, admittedly) and I am far too in love with her. :( Jesse's permaplat bought us the Elixer of Life and the moment Ama hit platinum, she hit that sucker up. And up. And up some more.


LOL honestly, I just LOVED this shot, with her protruding belly :3

She and Jesse were close enough to each other in days that he didn't get any Elixer. :3 Oh well.

Second attempt at growing Earvin up is successful!

Unlike what seems the general popular of the TS2 community, I LOVE those ADORABLE bear outfits. WAAAAAAUGH. MITTENS. EEEEK. ADORABLE. LAJFKDFJDKJFD *.*



Earvin didn't even need a make-over. *.*

Serioiusly. NO make-over is needed, amiright? HOLY CRAP SO ADORBS OH MY GOD. *.*


I am a SUCKER for toddlers nomming on their paws/hands :3

I am quite pleased with his profile. :D

Get to skilling, my pretty!

Charisma is such a BITCH when you're older, so you might as well get it out of the way while you can. :D

Oh my god. Daddy and son are SO CUTE.

Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! :D

Earvin does not have a lack of attention at all. They are both so happy to play with him and take care of him autonomously. Seriously. :*)


Just in case you were concerned, she is still enamored with Jesse. She wakes up and swoons over him. xD HOW SWEET IS THAT?!

Alas, no rolled wants to become engaged. <.< However, no fears were rolling for engagement, either. In fact, by this time, Ama had rolled fears of Jesse dying. :3! (Of course, she was rolling fears of Damion dying, too, but y'know. xD) To my surprise, she rolled fewer and fewer make-out with/woohoo with/have x numer of lovers type wants, too!


Except, that's next time. OOOOOH cliff-hanger, I went there, I did! :3

Until next time. ;]

Just so you guys know, Generation One is actually COMPLETE! No heir has been chosen, as Real!Ama and I found ourselves UNABLE TO CHOOSE. Seriously guys! Just you wait!

However. Uh. Gen. One has like, 8 parts to it? ;~; Some are shorter but I'll try to get the next five up here pretty quickly, that way I can move on. I don't even know if I want to play Uni or not so this can give me some deciding time. Anyway, I'll probably post the next five updates here every few days. :D

Feel free to watch/join ladyashliesims in order to follow the Legacy, if you want!

03.21.11 (UTC)
ahhh, this legacy is might pretty!

Loved the "what's wrong with this image?" pic. Well, FIRST & FOREMOST, the table etiquette is terribly improper. Those sims are clutching their utsensils like cavemen. Oh, and there's a baby on the floor and a lover on the side, and a general lack of clothes, but those are some piddly details.

Looking forward to baby#2! Wonder how Ama's going to explain that? x)
03.22.11 (UTC)
<.< I've got to say. Uh. Wait for the further generations. I don't mean to boast but THE PRETTY JUST CONTINUES. Seriously! OvO

XD That was a favorite image of mine, haha. Let's not forget the other lover hanging out on their couch in his underwear, xD oh man. They crack me up, greatly. :D (The general lack of clothes has become quite the staple of this legacy I've noticed.)

<.< >.> Oh just you wait! I think I'll have that up in a couple days or so at most. AND WE WILL SEE THE BABY eeeeeeeep! It's weird having the whole first generation ready right now o___o
(Deleted comment)
03.22.11 (UTC)
DDD: How embarrassing! Thank-you for letting me know! I should have checked that myself. <.< Oops.

And thank-you very much! Glad you enjoyed it!
(Deleted comment)
03.22.11 (UTC)
:D I shoooould have the next one up tomorrow, I think. Maybe tonight. WE SHALL SEE :DDDD
(Deleted comment)
03.23.11 (UTC)
Maaaaaaybe just a little bit ;] First Legacy and all, y'know? :D Gotta get some fun out of it. :D Should I tone down the fun? X]
(Deleted comment)
03.22.11 (UTC)
OMG you're right! Little green babies do seem to have an advantage over regular sim babies ;3
Earvin is WAYYYY too adorable for his own good. I bet he grows into a knockout!!
I play ahead a lot too. But my problem is more like...the actual posting xDD
Can't wait to read more!
03.22.11 (UTC)
I'm telling you - THAT GREEN SKIN! xD I mean, even as an infant, HE WAS SO ADORABLE EEEEEEK there was so much bouncy chair spam I had to trim down. xD Green genes just simply do it. :D

Exactly! <.< Getting around to posting is just tedious. :( I use Semagic but that still feels tedious to me, haha. Still have FIVE parts to catch up, too!

I shooould have the next post up in the next couple of days at most. I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW OFF THE FAMILY. :33

Also I am this close to spoilering and I just canNOT do that ;]
03.22.11 (UTC)
Let me just say, Earvin is ADORBS. Seriously. I like Jesse, but he does not come close to Earvin. THAT COIFFED HAIR FOR A TODDLER. XD

I wonder how baby #2 would look as a toddler? XD And how the heck would Jesse react? XD
03.22.11 (UTC)
I have honest squeal fests over Earvin oh my god CUTEST INGAME BORN TODDLER I'VE EVER HAD. OvO I am so fond of him xD I LOVE THAT HE TRANSITIONED WITH THAT HAIR! And I didn't have to deal with changing his image any. XD

<.< >.> Just you wait. BAHAHAHAHA.
03.22.11 (UTC)
awwww i love green babies! And I love the house. Great update for sure. I can't wait to see the next baby. I sure hope it's a girl.

side note: I love the layout. The background is so cute!
03.22.11 (UTC)
Waaaugh THANK-YOU! :D I am SO in love with this house and it's been growing and growing and I absolutely adore it! :> Open layouts are my favorites and it has all the pretty colors *.*

SERIOUSLY. YOUR SAGE. IS JUST. *.* Green babies with amazing genes omg omg I need to breed Ama with Sage more often xD NEED MOAR BABIES hahaha

<.< I need to start sticking more of your Sims in this hood LOLOL xD
03.22.11 (UTC)
I hate babies irl and in the sims but that green baby is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. I DIE.
03.22.11 (UTC)
I don't tend to care one way or another for babies xD. Some are cute. Some are fug. BUT NONE COMPARE TO EARVIN. Isn't he absolutely the cutest?! And as a toddler OvO Do love!
03.22.11 (UTC)
HNNNGH A CLIFFHANGER. Why you gotta ;~;

Earvin is such an adorable baby. I can't wait for more babies and more Earvin eeeeee.

Have I mentioned you take such lovely pictures? You take such lovely pictures.
03.22.11 (UTC)

Plus. Now you definitely have to come back for more tomorrow, right? ;]

I can totally spam the crap out of Earvin. xD That was the first time I'd ever used the baby bouncy chair thingy and they are just SO ADORABLE bouncing there with their arms all wavy and *.* I love him. I absolutely adore Earvin.

Awww, thank-you! Would you believe that I'd only just started learning the free-style camera?

03.22.11 (UTC)
IT'S THE BEST CLIFFHANGER. Hahahaha I hardly ever find a way to end with a cliffhanger in my stories, so kudos for youuuu

YAAAAAAAY oh my god that was the best part of that episode, ngl. Oh god the Doctor gave Rose the Doctor. :'( I made a fanvid that featured that part on youtube hahaha
03.23.11 (UTC)
xD Honestly! The cliffhanger hadn't even been planned! Basically, I play out, take images and I try to clump the "parts" in my playperiods, cos I can play hours at a time. Buuut I also try to keep a limit on my photos - I don't want to have TOO many and it take forever to load and people are all LET'S BLOW THIS POPCICLE STAND! xD But it worked in my favor. :DDD

That entire episode was absolutely depressing :'( Let's not even get em started on Donna OH MY GOD. >: [ I was all kinds of annoyed with that season finale xD And then things just... spiraled to worse for Ten past that. :(

But yes. It was such a heartbreaking moment ;~; Waaaugh Doctor Who; SO EMOTIONAL. xD
03.22.11 (UTC)
LMAO Herp Derp face!

Earvin is just nnnnghasddfhdl so cute!! ♥♥
And i approve of everyone in this house walking around in their underwear;D
03.22.11 (UTC)
She makes SO many herp derp faces I can't even handle it sometimes xD Probably because she has such a low active points, maybe? Hm.

!!!!!!! I didn't want him to EVER GROW UP seriously. OvO love him to DEATH waaaugh

LOLOL you and I both ;] Jesse looks so good in his underwear. God. HE'S SEXY FOR A SIM *.* And Ama, too. God. SEXY HOUSE.
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