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In which we make up for last time's really short post!

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Feel free to watch/join ladyashliesims in order to follow the Legacy, if you want!

03.28.11 - Purcell One
Random - glomp all over you

Purcell Family

While the Yamapi Legacy is on "hiatus" (ie: until I catch up on the updates and do the heir poll to determine who the heir is), I've been playing a couple other families. I've got Skander and Pez already, but they're such an angry pairing! =| Anyway, this is the Purcell family. :D

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Sims: [Corky] :D

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Last time in the Yamapi Legacy, Amaris attempted to get a bite out of the Countess, but her efforts were fruitless. She met Damion and wooed him at once, which worked out with ease. Jesse impregenated Amaris and was later invited to move in, as someone needed to take care of her and keep her from dying. And money was sort of needed. He accepted, brought in some money, the house was expanded, and a green baby was born! :D Earvin kicks off Generation Two for us. <3

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Random - glomp all over you

Missed an update?

It hasn't even been a long time, but looking back at these pictures is WEIRD because I've progressed so far from here. XD I knew I should have written these up right away, so bear with me. ;A; I just want to show you all WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW but must spare you from spoilers ahoy.

In our last update, we met our gorgeous Romance Sim founder, Amaris Yamapi, who has a penchant for wooing the manly manly types. She met and connected amazingly well with a particularly green alien-type manly manly sort called Jesse and befriended the Countessa. With vampire-fying on the mind, Ama styaed out all night in hopes of a bite but nope, not even one. 8-( BUT LIFE GOES ON. Forever and ever. :D At least, that's the hopes with our dear Amaris. :D

And without further ado!

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Sims: [Scarlett] Huh
Like all good Simmers, I came to the conclusion it was time for a Sims journal of sorts. However, I’ve never been too inclined to log in and out of LJ all day or to work in multiple browsers; in the end, it was easily decided I would simply take my Simming endeavors to a community. Quite simply, this is the Sim “Journal” of ashlienl . Posts here will probably be along the lines of the photo sort, as I’ve yet to dabble in any meshing/texturing/recoloring/etc., though I would like to learn to with more time in the future. (Too many sad hairs need to be salvaged!)

Feel free to join/watch this community. Posting is restricted to only me, so if you don’t want my posts in your friends list, you can feel free to simply join. :) Naturally, comments are encouraged, as we like a little recognition. I do try my best to reply to everyone if I can, and I don’t mind WCIF questions – though I may not always be able to properly locate something. Downloading sprees + horribly unorganized downloads folders don’t do a lot of good. :/

My current project is my first posted Legacy – the Yamapi Legacy, begun as a joke between my friend and I. The star of Gen 1 is said aforementioned friend, of course. :D

Yamapi Legacy
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Under construction/Partially completed

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Sims: [Corky] :D
Random conversation via Twitter with Ama lead to this new Legacy of mine. We were discussing The Sims, I think? And I relived the horror that was my first attempt at an Ama!Sim, whom actually looked a lot like Bella Goth, actually. o____o And I decided I wanted to make a new Ama!Sim, as a challenge to myself. And somehow, it spiraled into a new Legacy. :DDD

So I opened up Body Shop and set to work. And thus, the Yamapi Legacy came to life. I'm just doing standard Legacy rules here, with a minor addition that I've townified a few Sims, because Ama demands hotties to Woohoo with! And who am I to deny her such wishes?

( Generation One point One Ahoy! )

* Note: Gen 1.1 is posted to my personal journal, as I had yet to create this one. It occurred to me afterwards it would be a wise idea to separate the two, for the sake of friending/following/etc.
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